Barcelona lose 2-0 to AC Milan – perhaps the kit had something to do with it.

Iniesta strikes a pose
Candy corn
Isnspiration for the Barcelona shirt perhaps?

When a team wears a kit resembling a cocktail or a piece of candy corn you know its never going to end well.

So when Barcelona lost 2-0 to AC Milan in their Champions league tie at the San Siro on Wednesday February 20, 2013, it shocked the world of football. Barcelona had been seen as unbeatable, one of the best teams in the history of the game, they are running away with the Spanish League, in the Primera Division – a massive twelve points clear of their nearest rivals Athletico Madrid.

But when you dress a team in bright yellow and orange, it could prove to be a distraction. Soccer players are not known for wearing such a combination. The color scheme of their new away kit is normally reserved for fashion models walking down a catwalk, and not found on eleven burly men on a muddy field.

Clearly someone approved the design of the Nike strip – perhaps at the time of approving, the ‘approver’ was sitting on a beach sipping a nice cool cocktail with a little umbrella sticking out of it thought ‘I know, this will be a great look for the team’. Perhaps the dark sunglasses on his face clouded his judgment, or maybe it was one too many cocktails, but clearly something influenced the decision.

Luckily for Barcelona the 2nd leg of the tie, will be held at the Nou Camp, they will be at home, with their field, their fans and their regular home kit.

It had been a “black night”, one headline said, along with several other adjectives: disastrous, awful, embarrassing – it would be good to know if these words were referring to Barcelona’s performance or the color of the shirts.

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