Soccer Shorts: Don’t mess with the crest

Everton's crest - old and new
Everton’s crest – old and new

Don’t mess with the crest

If it aint broke don’t fix it….so when the marketing hierarchy at Everton decided their club crest needed to be redesigned and updated, the new crest did not meet with the fans approval.

Clearly some bright spark within the marketing department didn’t think it was worthwhile to consult the clubs fans before they made the bold decision to remove the motto “Nil Satis Nisi Optimum” (roughly translated as “Nothing But the Best is Good Enough”) from the new badge. The upshot….23,000 fans signed a petition to bring back the motto back  – the club have agreed to reconsider the design of crest again next year…Genius!!!

Mark Hughes goes to Stoke

After his debacle at QPR – Hughes is held accountable by many for the chaotic conditions at the club which subsequently led to their relegation from the Premier League this season – Mark Hughes has decided to get back in the saddle and take over the reigns at Stoke City. He has his work cut out to add some much needed pizzazz to their style of play, but in terms of the drama he has faced in the past, Stoke should be a pretty calm place to be.

Crystal Palace back with the big boys

Crystal Palace is back with the big boys. They defeated Watford in the Championship Playoff final and now take their place alongside Cardiff and Hull as the three teams that came up to the Premier League. Crystal Palace have seen it all before, as has their colorful manager Ian Holloway, but that still hasn’t stopped them from becoming the early favorites to go straight back down again. We wish them luck.

Jose Mourinho back with his ex

So, you are down the pub with your friends. You tell them that you are thinking of getting back with the ex that caused so much trouble and heartache before. They tell you, don’t do it, don’t go back, you will be sorry. Well, Jose Mourinho is back with his first love – Chelsea football club. Of course you always think things are going to be different next time…. well good luck Jose, Chelsea is pretty high maintenance and far needier than ever before.

Roberto Martinez gets stuck into the toffees

Mr Martinez has decided to bid farewell to managerial reign at Wigan (With Martinez at the helm Wigan became the first club to win the FA Cup and be relegated in the same season) and head to Everton (the Toffees) for his first real big managerial test. Once he unwraps that golden wrapper and gets his teeth stuck into the task at hand, only time will tell if he is the talented manager everyone thinks he is.

His first promise to the chairman…”I will get you into the Champions League” – well Roberto lets hope you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew.


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