Soccer Shorts: Transfer Market Merry-go-round

Transfer Market Merry-go-round

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale – where will he go?


The transfer market merry-go-round officially starts spinning again on July 1st when the transfer window re-opens for business. Of course there has already been some activity with Manchester City splashing out $47m for Brazilian midfielder Fernandinho and Sunderland having signed 4 new players.

However, many big questions still remain – who is going to win the battle to prize $133m rated Gareth Bale away from Tottenham. Will anyone want Wayne Rooney, and will Manchester United let him go? Will Christiano Ronaldo return to the Premier League from Real Madrid, and how many new players will Chelsea bring in (?) – so far they are being linked to pretty much everyone so watch this space. And as for Arsenal will they actually manage to sign anyone?

Wigan’s new manager

When Roberto Martinez left Wigan to become manager of Everton, Wigan Chairman Dave Wheelan was faced with the unenviable task of appointing a new manger. This week is emerged the front-runners were Steve McClaren (aka ‘The Wally with the Brolly – after his disastrous stint managing the England national team) and Owen Coyle.

Seriously Dave, common on, there are many great managers who are looking for work for you to choose from – surely you could find someone better than these two. In the end he opted for Coyle who will have many things to prove having been sacked by Bolton (after a run of disastrous results) in October 2012.

It’s not my fault!

So when one player bites another player on the arm and in the middle of a game, you would think the said grown man in question would take responsibility for his actions. Sadly, Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has another opinion – this week the man from Uruguay blamed the British media for his problems – he has racially abused one player, and bit another –actions which have resulted in him being banned from playing 18 games of the course of two seasons.

Hmm, lets see, most normal people know it is wrong to bite another human being, but if Mr Surez believes the British Media caused him to behave in such a way, then of course it’s not his fault at all. And if its not the British media who has driven him to behave like an animal he is also blaming the British for having something against South Americans.

Here’s the thing Luis – grow up, behave like a normal man, take responsibility for your own behavior, just be the talented player that you are and perhaps life won’t be so tough.

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