Soccer Shorts: From Malaga to Manchester

Manuel_pellegrini takes the helm at Manchester City
Manuel Pellegrini takes the helm at Manchester City

From Malaga to Manchester

Manchester City has appointed a new manager to take over from ousted Roberto Mancini. The poor man will be swapping sun, san and sangria for wind, rain, accents and a warm British pint. After doing a stellar job with Malaga (which included getting them into the Quarter finals of the Champions League this season) Chilean Manuel Pellegrini has the unenviable task of restoring some order to Manchester City and leading “the best squad in the Premier League” to Premier and Champions League titles next season.

He is fully aware that titles are expected, as is improving dressing room relations within a disgruntled squad. However, after coaching for 26 years in Spanish speaking countries (Spain, Chile, Ecuador and Argentina), one might expect his biggest challenge will be getting to grips with the Mancunian accent along with the 185 days (on average a year) of rain that Manchester enjoys. Time to put away the sombrero, and open up that umbrella.

Newcastle goes back to the dinosaur age

Tyrannosaurus Rex, pterodactyl, Joe Kinnear. This week saw Newcastle Utd make the controversial decision to appoint the clubs former manager Joe Kinnear as Director of Football.

To mark the occasion the old Dinosaur reared its heard, roared loudly and gave one of the most shambolic interviews in the history of the Premier League. Not only did he claim to have signed several players during his short stint as manager (when other managers clearly made the signings), he also talked about (current first team players) SholaAmenobee, Yohan Kebab and Haten Ben Afre rather than Shola Ameobi, Yohan Cabaye and Hatem Ben Arfa.

And that was before he turned on the “negativity” of Newcastle supporters by insisting he  had “more intelligence than them”, and boasting that his list of “worldwide” contacts were so extensive no door was closed to him.

Kinnear, a true dinosaur in the techniques of football management, clearly believes he will have considerable influence over affairs at the club. In reality many see his appointment as a disaster with former start striker, Alan Shearer adding “People are laughing at the football club I support. And that sickens me”.

If nothing else this relic from a by-gone era is going to provide some much needed entertainment during the new season. We just have to feel sorry for manager Alan Pardew who will have to answer to his new boss.

Who will Chelsea Keep?

There has been a lot of talk from most clubs about who they plan to sign, however with Chelsea there has been more talk about which players they are potentially going to release. So far the names mentioned are Spaniard, Juan Matta and the boy from Brazil, David Luis.

According to reports new manager Jose Mourinho is unconvinced by these players. I guess he didn’t watch much Premier League action while he was in Madrid, for these players were two of the most skillful players in the League (last season), were two of the best players in the team and were a joy to watch. It will be very interesting to see who will be at Chelsea come August

Premier League fixtures released

This week saw the release of the 2013/2014 Premier League Fixtures – only 8 weeks to go before its back!!!

Seriously, really?

Manchester City and Manchester Utd replica shirts have been banned from being worn by workers on the site of Cities new training complex.  The reason – ‘to stop it getting silly’ due to rivalries between builders who may support opposing clubs.

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