The transfer window slams shut on Man Utd

Marouane Fellaini signs for Manchester United

Man United, up until recently one of the most respected clubs in Europe, overnight have turned Manchester United into a laughing stock thanks to their shambolic display in this summers transfer window.

Given that the transfer window is only open twice a year to sign new players for a club, it would be expected most managers and chief executives get themselves organized to hit the ground running when the window opens at midnight on the last day of the season (and ends on August 31st if a working day).

For Manchester United manager David Moyes and the Chief Executive Ed Woodward, this plan did not come to fruition or it seems, even make it to the table.

Having wasted the summer chasing players they never stood a chance of signing, thinking they could get clubs to cave in and sell players to them for less than they were worth. Along with missing purchasing players when they were available on cheaper buyout clauses, and making insulting offers for players from Moyes previous club Everton, they finally concluded the farcical display by signing midfielder Marouane Fellaini with minutes to spare.

Given the team were desperate for two creative midfielders, the team will now surely struggle considering their closest rivals have brought in some phenomenal talent to make up for their shortcomings last season.

Quite how this situation was aloud to materialize is the question many Utd fans are now asking, many are said to be furious with the clubs lack of new signings while many others are asking for Woodward to be fired.

The next transfer window opens in January, but by then it may be too late to rectify the damage that has already been done to Manchester United’s hopes of retaining their Premier League crown.

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