5 things we learned from the Premier League this weekend

Arsenal's midfield general
Mersut Ozil – Arsenal’s new midfield general

Manchester United have yet to pass go

Playing against an awful Crystal Palace defense, who were then weekend even more after Dikgacoi was sent off in the 44th minute, you would expect Manchester Utd to win 3, 4 or 5 – 0. They eventually won 2 – 0 – the first goal coming from a penalty courtesy of a dive from forward Ashley Cole, while the second came from a Wayne Rooney Free Kick.

Given the fire power at their disposal, they created very few scoring chances, their passing was woeful and for a championship winning side they looked short of ideas.

Stop the Press – Arsenal have a midfield

Arsenal certainly pulled off the transfer coup of the summer. Signing Mesut Özil from Real Madrid was inspired. Despite playing with a stomach virus on Saturday, Ozil was the best player on the pitch, his passing was sublime and the midfield general Arsenal were so desperate for has now been found. He already has the potential to be player of the season.

It was a blue day for Chelsea

Everton pulled off the shock of the weekend beating Chelsea 1-0. Chelsea was the better team for the majority of the game but could not convert their chances.  Everton were immense in defense against the talented midfield of Chelsea.

Chelsea manager José Mourinho would not have expected to loose the game but things are never a done deal in the Premier League – something he might have forgotten during his time away.

Honors are even for the Premier League New boys

Last year Hull City and Cardiff City faced each other in the Championship division. This year they are playing with the big boys and are struggling to score goals – both sides have scored fewer goals than the points they have gained from the four games they have played (Cardiff have 5 points and Hull 4 points).

Against each other they managed a 1-1 draw., every point helps, and this will be one point both sides will definitely need come next May.

The worst game in the league so far.

Leave it up to Southampton and West Ham to provide the worst game of the season so far. Just looking at the fixture most hardened fans could tell this had 0-0 ‘bore draw’ written all over it. And the sides did not disappoint. In driving rain and strong winds both teams employed negative tactics, made mistake after mistake and when the final whistle blew the players, managers and the fans were happy it was over.

West Ham have three key players injured – Any Carroll, Joe Coal and Stewart Downing –  they will need to return quickly if West Ham fans are going to have any fun watching their team this season..



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