Can one player win the Premier League?

When Sir Alex Ferguson bought Robin Van Persie for £22.5 million in August 2012, he made the purchase with one aim in mind – Van Persie would win back the Premier League Crown for Manchester United

On 22 April 2013, Van Persie netted an incredible first-half hat-trick against Aston Villa, confirming Manchester United’s 20th league title with four games in hand. Robin Van Persie had scored 26 goals Premier League goals, revitalized a team – that had been piped to the Premier League Crown by one point the previous season – and ensured Utd won the championship by a massive 11 points.

Did Van Persie win the league single handed – no, but his presence and his purchase played a huge part.

Manchester City won the league title in 2012 largely down to the midfield influence of Yaya Toure. In 1995 a mediocre Blackburn Rovers side won the league thanks to Alan Shearers record equaling 34 goals. And many pundits believe that without goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, Manchester Untied would never have won the league in 1996.

This season Arsenal is flying high at the top of the table. Nobody had expected them to be playing so well. But in August Merzit Ozil arrived from Real Madrid. Ozil is by no means classed a ‘super star’ like Christiano Ronaldo or Lioneal Messi, but he is probably one of the best team players in the world right now. By signing him Arsenal purchased a player that has given everyone a lift, has given them several new options in formation and he is the type of player the rest of the team can feed off. Ozil can pass, he can score goals and he can strike a dead ball with such accuracy strikers only need one touch to direct the ball into the back of the net. Ozil loves London, he loves Arsenal and he loves the Premier League. Many are already predicting he will guide the Gunners to their first league title since 2004, and the way he is playing this is entirely possible.

There have been cases where things don’t always go according to plan. There was the £50m purchase (a record British transfer fee) in 2011 by Chelsea of Fernando Torres from Liverpool. He was the superstar of the Premier league, and it was hoped his goals would win Chelsea the title. This has not been the case and Torres has been struggling for form since he arrived at Chelsea and only now is he starting to show signs of the player he once was.

And then there was Gareth Bale, the superstar winger who almost single handedly guided Tottenham to third place in the league last year. Bale has since departed for Real Madrid leaving Tottenham having to rebuild the entire team and refocus their efforts on team work to win games.

So can one player win the premier league (?) it is possible, and this season all eyes are on Merzit Ozil – no pressure then.

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