Manchester United is the new Everton

Man without a plan?
Man without a plan?

For most of the season David Moyes has looked like a rabbit caught in headlights. There has been the wide eyed stare, not knowing what way to run or which direction to turn (okay, so from what we have seen, not much turning has been going on, just a lot of crossing), the indecision and being flattened from the speeding juggernaut– oh wait that just happened – I think it was called the 3-0 lost to Liverpool.

But, if you think about it, David Moyes is actually doing pretty well. If you look at what he achieved with Everton, he is bang on track for a successful season:

  1. Finishing in the 8
  2. Lack of success in any cup competitions
  3. Not qualifying for Europe
  4. Relying heavily on Marouane Fellaini for…well, not sure what
  5. The inability to win a game
  6. Placing god like status on Wayne Rooney
  7. Making questionable decisions in the transfer market:

Lets see, so far selling the team captain one of the best center halves in the league (Nemanja Vidić) to Inter Milan.  Considering letting Patrice Evra leave at the end of the season, restricting the most creative players to permanent spots on the bench, handing Midfield Superstar – Tom Cleverley – a new five year contract, oh and spending over $100m on players that have no real position in the team. He has been such a success; even former Everton player – Kevin Sheedy – speaking out about Moyes skills as a manager.

So you see, life isn’t so bad for Mr Moyes, it is coming together nicely – Manchester United is the new Everton. I guess a change in the shirt color is out of the question?

Photo: Getty Images


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