The Premier League Title Run In

Premier League run in: Key Players
Premier League run in: Key Players

When you hear the words ‘Run In’ it normally guarantees drama until mid May. So grab a red pen, find a nice big wall and write in large letters ‘6 games to go’!

For the first time in years the run in features 3 teams – Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea. This time last season the title race was already over after Manchester Utd had stormed to an unassailable lead – it was kinda boring.

This season, however with Man Utd’s demise, the Premier League title run in is back to what it once was, packed with drama, tension, ups and downs while watching each team involved avoid bizarre slip ups against the teams at the other end of the table. And with three teams involved, this could go to the wire.

Of course to add to all the drama, tensions are running high. Liverpool is the form team but with 6 games to go the form-book, expected results and what should happen are thrown out of the window. Stress does funny things to people and at this stage anything could happen – last week Chelsea lost to Crystal Palace, a truly bizarre result given that Palace are fighting relegation. It is results like that which make the run in so enthralling.

Liverpool – this is the one club that is enjoying great form right now – if they concede 3 goals, they score 5 and still win with ease – they are a joy to watch and most football fans would love to see the captain – Steven Gerrard – win the Premier League medal he so deserves.

Remaining Fixtures:

  • April 6               West Ham Utd            v            Liverpool
  • April 13            Liverpool                        v            Manchester City
  • April 20            Norwich City               v            Liverpool
  • April 27            Liverpool                        v            Chelsea
  • May 3                Crystal Palace             v            Liverpool
  • May 11             Liverpool                        v            Newcastle Utd

Manchester City – has experienced it before in 2012. Despite having a new manager (Manuel Pellegrini) at the helm in his inaugural Premier League season, they have the midfield maestro – Yaya Touré – playing at his sublime best and the calm head at the back in captain Vincent Kompany. Expect them to be fighting to the very last minute.

Remaining Fixtures:

  • April 5               Manchester City            v            Southampton
  • April 13            Liverpool                             v           Manchester City
  • April 19            Manchester City            v            West Bromwich Albion
  • April 26            Crystal Palace                  v            Manchester City
  • May 3                Everton                                v            Manchester City
  • May 11             Manchester City            v            West Ham Utd

Chelsea – despite being brilliantly organized and having the best defense Chelsea are beginning to wobble. Over the past couple of weeks there have been a couple of odd results for the blues. If Mourinho can hold his squad together and keep his temper in check they should be in the race until the last kick of the season.

Remaining Fixtures:

  • April 5               Chelsea                        v            Stoke City
  • April 12            Swansea City            v            Chelsea
  • April 19            Chelsea                        v            Sunderland
  • April 27            Liverpool                     v            Chelsea
  • May 3                Chelsea                        v            Norwich City
  • May 11            Cardiff City                 v            Chelsea

On paper, Liverpool looks to have the toughest run in of all three teams having to face Manchester City and Chelsea, but where the run in is concerned anything can happen – and it usually does.

Image: Reuters


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