Which Premier League Team Should You Support – part 1

Which Premier League Team Should You Support? 

Well the new season is underway, so far things are pretty much going according to plan – Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool have picked up from where they left off, Manchester United are still awful, Arsenal are once again woeful in front of goal, Everton are the team everyone wants to avoid while QPR are already fighting relegation.

If you are new to the game or looking to make that cardinal sin and switch teams here is a brief guide to each team in the Premier league to help you make up your mind as to which team you should support.

(I take no responsibility if at the end of the season your team are rubbish and spend the whole season in the bottom half of the table).

Premier League teams A – C

Arsenal (The Gunners):
Always one of the top five teams in the league. Arsenal has a rich and checkered history. In the late nineties they were one of the best teams in Europe. The midfield was the envy of every team in the league while the defense was so good the ‘Arsenal off side trap’ became a term everyone understood.

Arsenal has not won the league since 2004, but did win the FA Cup last season. On their day they are a beautiful slick passing side, one of the best in the league and they are a good safe bet to be fighting for a top four finish, but as to claiming first, not this season.

Aston Villa (The Villans):
If ever there were a team to truly avoid, that would be Aston Villa, just utterly tedious and boring to watch. They did show a glimmer of hope around 2005/2006 but since then just woeful underwhelming performances.

Villa have narrowly avoided relegation for the past three seasons, so unless you are completely desperate to support a struggling team from Birmingham, do yourself a favor and stay away, otherwise you might be put off soccer for life.

Burnley (The Clarets):
If you like to support the underdog, reach out to Burnley, they are the team for you. This small club is not in the Premier League very often (the last visit was in 2009) and when they are in the top flight the Clarets are never there for very long.

Diehard Burnley supports do not expect much, they are just happy to be amongst the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool rather than Blackpool and Oxford Utd, and they will enjoy every minute, while watching their team cause a few upsets along the way.

Chelsea (The Blues):
Back in the eighties, players and fans despised Chelsea – they had aggressive players, and violent fans. Then a Russian billionaire came along, he cleaned up the team, cleaned up their act, spent almost $1b on players and Chelsea are loved again.

The blues were unlucky not to win the league last season, but they had a rather inept strike force. This year they have signed a star striker (Diego Costa), a breath taking midfielder (Cesc Fàbregas) and if the manager can focus his attentions on the game instead of winning mind games with other managers they should win the league.

Chelsea plays fast, free flowing, attacking football and are a very good team to support.

Crystal Palace (The Eagles):
A decent side, but if you support the Eagles you will have to be happy with a mid table team. In the early 1990’s Palace were everyone’s second team and had some lively, gifted players. Presently they will never set the world on fire but they do play well as a team.

Palace were prime candidates for relegation last season until manager Tony Pulis performed a miracle and they finished in eleventh. He has now, sadly, left the building and it will all come down to how the veteran manager Neil Warnock gets the lads from London to perform on a weekly basis.

More next week….