Lets continue with the review of the Premier League teams to help you make up your mind in deciding what team you should support this season.

Premier League teams E – M

Everton: The Toffees
So close, yet so far. Everton’s hey day came in the mid 1980’s, they won the league two years in a row and narrowly lost the FA Cup final to Liverpool in 1986. Since then they are the team everyone wants to do well, and for the most part they do.

The last few years they have finished in the top 7, but they can never seem to clear that final hurdle and finish in the top 4 – this is not due to a lack of grit, determination, skill or flair, they have that in abundance. It is really down to lack of funds and the huge wall any team has to climb in order to maintain a position in the top four throughout the season.

Everton are a joy to watch, they play wonderful football and are the team everyone hates to meet, especially at home and you can’t help but love them. They will never win the league but they provide some wonderful entertainment.

Hull City: The Tigers
Hull are never going to set the world on fire. Last year the biggest drama was the owner wanting to the change the name of the club to “Hull Tigers” however the fans protested (peacefully) and luckily the FA stepped in and said they would not allow the name to be changed, thus settling the argument.

In the mean time, Hull City reached its first ever FA Cup final, and achieved its highest finish in the clubs history. The team will never have any superstars and will probably battle relegation this season, but they play good, honest football, and in Steve Bruce they have a truly lovable manger.

Leicester City: The Foxes
The classic yo-yo team – up one season and down the next. Their last visit to the Premier League came in 2004 and back down they went again. Leicester are most certainly an underdog and a team that will always struggle in the top flight.

On their day they can be a tricky team to play and they have a good squad of players. If you want to follow a local team with a rich history then Leicester is for you, however if you want to support a team that is going to win things, maybe Leicester isn’t the right fit.

Liverpool: The Reds
One of the best teams to grace English football. Liverpool dominated top flight football (in England and in Europe) for over a decade and were breathtaking. Sadly they lost their way from the mid 1990’s and were mediocre at best. After finishing a degrading 7th in 2012 Brendan Rogers took the helm and their football last year was spectacular, they missed out on winning the league by 2 points.

Aside from being steeped in history and having a captain (Steven Gerrard) who epitomizes everything a captain should ever be, the club song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when the fans start singing. A few years ago I would have said ‘dont touch Liverpool with a barge poll’ but now, you could not go wrong in supporting The Reds.

Man City: The Citizens
It is amazing what money can do. Up until a few years ago Manchester City were unpredictable, inconsistent, a lesser club with lesser players, struggling to stay in the top flight before finally sliding all the way down to the third tier of English football in 1998.

Ten years later they were back in the Premier League and purchased by a group from Abu Dhabi. This transformed them into one of the wealthiest clubs in the world, and brought them the league title in 2012. They are a very good team to watch with fast, attacking stylish football and if you like teams that score a mountain of goals, Manchester City is for you. They will be in the top three come May, as for me, I cant get past the fact they have purchased their success.

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