Lets continue with the review of the Premier League teams to help you make up your mind in deciding what team you should support this season.

Premier League teams M – S

Manchester Utd: Red Devils
Manchester Utd and the Premier League, go together like bread and butter, ham and eggs, fish and chips. Up until last season Manchester Utd were the cream of the crop, you could guarantee they would be fighting for the title come May. But then the unthinkable happened, their manager (Sir Alex Ferguson) of 26 years retired, and all hell broke loose.

They had the season from hell last year, totally humiliated in their own stadium on several occasions, looking inept in every department and finishing a disastrous 7th. Thankfully there is a new manager at the helm, things are looking up.

The Red Devils are the one team that are either loved or hated. If you are not a fan, you hate them, and if you are, well you are probably not from Manchester anyway. Utd are the team to watch this season, they are not going to win the league, but they will be trying to claw their way back to the top three and restore some pride. As a Utd supporter myself (and no I am not from Manchester) I can highly recommend them.

Newcastle Utd: The Magpies
Newcastle Utd fans are known as the “Toon Army” and are some of the most loyal and passionate supports you will find in the Premier League. However over the past few decades there hasn’t been a great deal for them to cheer about – they havent won anything since 1969. During that time they have had some great players and come close to winning the league in 1996/97 but they threw away a twelve point lead, finished second, and were then runners up in the FA Cup.

However since then they have lost their distinctive playing style, the fans, owners, players and managers seem disillusioned and they are at best a mid table team. If you are a passionate supporter, and are happy for your team to never win anything, Newcastle Utd are the team for you.

Queens Park Rangers: The Hoops
Another one of those infamous ‘yo-yo’ teams, QPR have been on a perpetual ride of on frustration since 2007 – 13 managers, one relegation and two promotions have kept the fans guessing what will be next. Quite frankly I would safely say another relegation will probably be coming their way this season.

Not good enough for the Premier League, and probably too good for the Championship, they have been let down by lazy players and a confused owner who doesn’t seem to know what the answer is. Even the manager – Harry Rednapp – who has been performing miracles with underachieving teams for years seems to be at a loss what to do with QPR. Stay away, unless you like to be permanently frustrated!

Southampton: The Saints
Last season Southampton played some of the most beautiful football the Premier League has seen in years, young, gifted players, great goals and a top 10 finish – not bad when you consider Southampton where playing Division 1 football three years ago.

And then the strangest thing happened, at the end of last season they sold 6 players. Now we are not talking the dregs of the team, these were their six best players including the captain, and if that wasnt enough to cope with the manager was allowed to leave too…their ‘Everyone must go sale’ was a complete mystery to everyone.

You may want to take a punt on Southampton, they have new players and a new manager and are playing some very nice football. They are at best a mid table team, but for excitement and drama you cant go wrong.

Stoke City: The Potters
Possibly the oldest team in the league and possibly the most unglamorous team in the league. Stoke are not known for style, panache or silky skills, they are however known for their long ball game and being a team of grinders. Stoke wear their opposition down, and frustrate teams into making mistakes, thereby giving them the points they need to survive.

There is nothing glamorous about Stoke, there never has and there never will be, and with current manager Mark Hughes at the helm, they are a lot better than they used to be. Stoke are one of those non-descript teams, neither liked nor disliked and tend to hover in the bottom half of the table. If you like no frills traditional football, Stoke City is for you.

More next week!

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