Lets conclude our review of the Premier League teams.  I hope these 4 posts have helped you decide which team you would like to support, and if not, well I hope you have had fun reading about the twenty teams that provide so much entertainment every week.

Premier League teams S – W

Sunderland: The Black Cats
Like their Tyne and Wear neighbors in Newcastle, Sunderland fans are one passionate group of supporters. Sunderland have enjoyed a lot of success, sadly they last won the Championship in 1936, and they did enjoy a trip to the FA Cup final in 1992, losing to Liverpool.

Since then they have suffered relegation, enjoyed promotion, fired several managers, and since their return to the Premier League are annual contenders for relegation. Last season they survived, but only just thanks to a miracle from their manager Gus Poyet in turning things around with four games to go. If you are a passionate supporter and like to wear red and white stripes Sunderland is the team for you!

Swansea City: The Swans
Swansea City, the only non-English team to play in the Premier League. Since their arrival back in the top flight in 2011-12 the team from Wales has been punching well above its weight. So much so, they won the League Cup in 2013…a remarkable achievement given The Swans narrowly avoided relegation to the Conference (the fifth tier of English football) on the final day of the 2002-03 season.

Swansea play fast flowing, attacking football and can be a handful for anyone. I would say they are a favorite ‘second team’ of many supporters and watching them just makes you smile. If you are new to the game and want to watch a team that just loves to play football and has fun, try the Swans.

Tottenham Hotspur: Spurs
Always the bridesmaid and never the bride – Tottenham should be a top four team, but it never seems to happen. Last season was woeful, after a terrible start the manager was fired, the newly purchased superstars failed to perform and they stumbled to a 6th placed finish.

Tottenham’s hey day was the early 1980’s, but since then they have failed to live up to expectations, and while their football can be entertaining to watch it lacks that certain something the top teams have. If you want to support a team from London, I would pick Arsenal.

West Bromwich Albion: The Baggies
From the West Midlands, West Brom is a team that is pretty consistent in its level of play – in that they rarely improve or go down hill. They have been in the top flight since 2002 – nine straight seasons, which given their limited budget and small squad is quite an achievement.

Albion has a long-standing rivalry with other clubs from the West Midlands – namely Aston Villa. Villa was once head and shoulders above The Baggies, but in recent seasons they are much more evenly matched.

West Brom are never likely to win anything, and their style of football will never set the world on fire, they are, what can be described as, an unfashionable team to support, but if you have roots in the Midlands, give them a go.

West Ham United: The Hammers
The hard men from East London. Teams know they have been in a game when they play against West Ham, their style is tough tackling, no nonsense direct football that can cause all sorts of problems for the sides who like to play fluid attacking football.

After a 0-0 draw with Chelsea last season, Chelsea manager Jose José Mourinho described West Ham as playing “football from the 19th century”, which they probably did, but it got them the result and the point they so desperately needed.

The Hammers are playing more attractive football this season, and have been getting some good results, but they are never going to win the league, however on their day, they are always a good bet to make it to the final of one of the cup competitions. The fans are passionate, but I can think of better teams to support.

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