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Manchester United is the new Everton

Man without a plan?
Man without a plan?

For most of the season David Moyes has looked like a rabbit caught in headlights. There has been the wide eyed stare, not knowing what way to run or which direction to turn (okay, so from what we have seen, not much turning has been going on, just a lot of crossing), the indecision and being flattened from the speeding juggernaut– oh wait that just happened – I think it was called the 3-0 lost to Liverpool.

But, if you think about it, David Moyes is actually doing pretty well. If you look at what he achieved with Everton, he is bang on track for a successful season:

  1. Finishing in the 8
  2. Lack of success in any cup competitions
  3. Not qualifying for Europe
  4. Relying heavily on Marouane Fellaini for…well, not sure what
  5. The inability to win a game
  6. Placing god like status on Wayne Rooney
  7. Making questionable decisions in the transfer market:

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David Moyes puts on a brave face but needs to start facing reality.

David Moyes feels the pressure
David Moyes feels the pressure

When David Moyes took over from Sir Alex Ferguson many believed it would be business as usual – teams would come to Old Trafford expecting to loose, Robin Van Persie would be the leagues leading goal scorer and the team would be top of the table and 6 points clear by Christmas.

But something has gone horribly wrong, instead we find a team closer on points to the relegation zone than they are to the top of the table, have lost more games so far than they did for the whole of last season, goals are not coming easily and it is Arsenal who are 5 points clear at the top of the table going into the busy Christmas schedule.

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The transfer window slams shut on Man Utd

Marouane Fellaini signs for Manchester United

Man United, up until recently one of the most respected clubs in Europe, overnight have turned Manchester United into a laughing stock thanks to their shambolic display in this summers transfer window.

Given that the transfer window is only open twice a year to sign new players for a club, it would be expected most managers and chief executives get themselves organized to hit the ground running when the window opens at midnight on the last day of the season (and ends on August 31st if a working day).

For Manchester United manager David Moyes and the Chief Executive Ed Woodward, this plan did not come to fruition or it seems, even make it to the table.

Having wasted the summer chasing players they never stood a chance of signing, thinking they could get clubs to cave in and sell players to them for less than they were worth. Along with missing purchasing players when they were available on cheaper buyout clauses, and making insulting offers for players from Moyes previous club Everton, they finally concluded the farcical display by signing midfielder Marouane Fellaini with minutes to spare.

Given the team were desperate for two creative midfielders, the team will now surely struggle considering their closest rivals have brought in some phenomenal talent to make up for their shortcomings last season.

Quite how this situation was aloud to materialize is the question many Utd fans are now asking, many are said to be furious with the clubs lack of new signings while many others are asking for Woodward to be fired.

The next transfer window opens in January, but by then it may be too late to rectify the damage that has already been done to Manchester United’s hopes of retaining their Premier League crown.

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For David Moyes the honeymoon is over

Life was never going to be easy as the new coach at Manchester United, but these past few weeks have given Mr Moyes an insight into just how tough life will be.

Wayne Rooney

First off there is the debacle also known as Wayne Rooney. Quite why the petulant child thinks he is the be all and end all of Manchester United is beyond all comprehension for anybody to understand. He is by far the most overrated footballer in the Premier League, and it is now clear that he is no longer the clubs most prized asset.

He was said to be “angry and confused” by the managers’ statement that he is now second choice to Robin Van Presie. Mr Moyes stated “overall my thought on Wayne is, if for any reason we had an injury to Robin Van Persie, we’ll need him”.

Talk about opening up a huge can of worms, but perhaps it was a can that needed opening and we can all move on, including Mr Rooney – away from Old Trafford. Mr Moyes is due for show down talks with him over the next few days.


It’s not even the start of the season yet and the list of injured players at the club is more than any manager would like to see. Anymore injuries and Mr Moyes will start having some serious problems come August 17th – the day when he will want to hit the ground running with a full squad at his disposal.


My Moyes biggest headache by far is the need to bring new players to the club – midfielders in particular. This was not helped when his main target(s), Thiago Alcantara, opted to join Bayern Munich, Kevin Strootman decided to sign a contract with Roma, and despite offering Barcelona £32 for former Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas still no deal has been done. The need for a new midfielder was desperately obvious last season, but they are fast running out of time. So far the club have yet to make any marquee signings.

Mediocre Results on tour

And finally – the clubs three-week pre-season tour, which took in games in Bangkok, Sydney, Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong, which produced some very mediocre results (two wins, two loses and a draw) including a 1-0 loss to Singha All Star XI.

Moyes has been in the job for only three weeks and has yet to manage a first competitive match…we wish him well.

David Moyes Dives in at Manchester United

David Moyes takes over at Manchester Utd.
David Moyes takes over at Manchester Utd.

This week saw David Moyes arrive at Old Trafford with his trusted lieutenants at his side and begin the unenviable task taking over from Sir Alex. There is no such thing as dipping a toe in to test the temperature of the water, more like having to dive in headfirst without even having time to take your socks off.

Firstly – bring over your coaching staff – Steve Round, as assistant manager, Jimmy Lumsden, coach, and Chris Woods, goal-keeping coach –from previous club, Everton. “I have worked with Steve, Chris and Jimmy for a number of years and I am delighted they have decided to join me at this great club,” said Moyes.

Next, promote Manchester United legend, Ryan Giggs, 39, into his first coaching role as player/coach, and appoint former Man Utd player, Phil Neville, 36, as first team coach.

Then deal with the futures of Wyane Rooney, Captain, Nemanja Vidic (who has 12 months left on his contract), and Vice Captain, Patric Evra – it is rumored all three may leave the club.

On Thursday meet the team and take charge of the first training session with the new players. And finally on Friday – take part in the first press conference and begin to feel the enormity of how much pressure the new role will bring, while facing a room packed with journalists and tv crews, who will broadcast every word globally.

Next week will be a little easier – Wednesday, jet out with the team for what will be the longest tour in the clubs history, covering 23,260 miles.

On August 11 (after matches in Sweden, along with a Testimonial game for Rio Ferdinand being thrown in there), try and win the first trophy as Man Utd manager against Wigan at Wembley Stadium in the Charity Shield.

Then and only then, on August 17th, take charge of the first Premier League game, on August 17th, away against Swansea.

And if that isn’t enough try and deal with the pressure that comes with having previous manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, in the background, who has promised to try and keep out of the way to relieve some of the pressure.

Lets hope Mr Moyes is good at holding his breath while swimming, it maybe a longtime before he gets chance to come up for air.