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Premier League Halloween Eleven

Its Halloween and in honor of the scary day I have created the special Premier League Halloween Eleven, consisting of players who have had a total nightmare since the beginning of the season.

The eleven is based on the horror show these players have experienced over the past couple of months. Some are beginning to emerge from their gruesome show of form, while others are still in hell, battling devils, demons and their own horrible performances. These are the players who have proved themselves in the past, however on current form they certainly a trick and not a treat for their fans and manager.

The Premier League Halloween Eleven – in  the non scary 4-4-2 formation of course.


Subs: Ricky Lambert (Liverpool); Mikel Arteta (Arsenal); Chris Smalling (Manchester Utd); Andy Caroll (West Ham); Simon Mignolet (Liverpool).

Manager: Harry Rednapp (QPR)

Which players would you select for your Halloween?


Lets continue with the review of the Premier League teams to help you make up your mind in deciding what team you should support this season.

Premier League teams M – S

Manchester Utd: Red Devils
Manchester Utd and the Premier League, go together like bread and butter, ham and eggs, fish and chips. Up until last season Manchester Utd were the cream of the crop, you could guarantee they would be fighting for the title come May. But then the unthinkable happened, their manager (Sir Alex Ferguson) of 26 years retired, and all hell broke loose.

They had the season from hell last year, totally humiliated in their own stadium on several occasions, looking inept in every department and finishing a disastrous 7th. Thankfully there is a new manager at the helm, things are looking up.

The Red Devils are the one team that are either loved or hated. If you are not a fan, you hate them, and if you are, well you are probably not from Manchester anyway. Utd are the team to watch this season, they are not going to win the league, but they will be trying to claw their way back to the top three and restore some pride. As a Utd supporter myself (and no I am not from Manchester) I can highly recommend them.

Newcastle Utd: The Magpies
Newcastle Utd fans are known as the “Toon Army” and are some of the most loyal and passionate supports you will find in the Premier League. However over the past few decades there hasn’t been a great deal for them to cheer about – they havent won anything since 1969. During that time they have had some great players and come close to winning the league in 1996/97 but they threw away a twelve point lead, finished second, and were then runners up in the FA Cup.

However since then they have lost their distinctive playing style, the fans, owners, players and managers seem disillusioned and they are at best a mid table team. If you are a passionate supporter, and are happy for your team to never win anything, Newcastle Utd are the team for you.



Lets continue with the review of the Premier League teams to help you make up your mind in deciding what team you should support this season.

Premier League teams E – M

Everton: The Toffees
So close, yet so far. Everton’s hey day came in the mid 1980’s, they won the league two years in a row and narrowly lost the FA Cup final to Liverpool in 1986. Since then they are the team everyone wants to do well, and for the most part they do.

The last few years they have finished in the top 7, but they can never seem to clear that final hurdle and finish in the top 4 – this is not due to a lack of grit, determination, skill or flair, they have that in abundance. It is really down to lack of funds and the huge wall any team has to climb in order to maintain a position in the top four throughout the season.

Everton are a joy to watch, they play wonderful football and are the team everyone hates to meet, especially at home and you can’t help but love them. They will never win the league but they provide some wonderful entertainment.

Hull City: The Tigers
Hull are never going to set the world on fire. Last year the biggest drama was the owner wanting to the change the name of the club to “Hull Tigers” however the fans protested (peacefully) and luckily the FA stepped in and said they would not allow the name to be changed, thus settling the argument.

In the mean time, Hull City reached its first ever FA Cup final, and achieved its highest finish in the clubs history. The team will never have any superstars and will probably battle relegation this season, but they play good, honest football, and in Steve Bruce they have a truly lovable manger.

Leicester City: The Foxes
The classic yo-yo team – up one season and down the next. Their last visit to the Premier League came in 2004 and back down they went again. Leicester are most certainly an underdog and a team that will always struggle in the top flight.

On their day they can be a tricky team to play and they have a good squad of players. If you want to follow a local team with a rich history then Leicester is for you, however if you want to support a team that is going to win things, maybe Leicester isn’t the right fit.


Which Premier League Team Should You Support – part 1

Which Premier League Team Should You Support? 

Well the new season is underway, so far things are pretty much going according to plan – Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool have picked up from where they left off, Manchester United are still awful, Arsenal are once again woeful in front of goal, Everton are the team everyone wants to avoid while QPR are already fighting relegation.

If you are new to the game or looking to make that cardinal sin and switch teams here is a brief guide to each team in the Premier league to help you make up your mind as to which team you should support.

(I take no responsibility if at the end of the season your team are rubbish and spend the whole season in the bottom half of the table).

Premier League teams A – C

Arsenal (The Gunners):
Always one of the top five teams in the league. Arsenal has a rich and checkered history. In the late nineties they were one of the best teams in Europe. The midfield was the envy of every team in the league while the defense was so good the ‘Arsenal off side trap’ became a term everyone understood.

Arsenal has not won the league since 2004, but did win the FA Cup last season. On their day they are a beautiful slick passing side, one of the best in the league and they are a good safe bet to be fighting for a top four finish, but as to claiming first, not this season.

Aston Villa (The Villans):
If ever there were a team to truly avoid, that would be Aston Villa, just utterly tedious and boring to watch. They did show a glimmer of hope around 2005/2006 but since then just woeful underwhelming performances.

Villa have narrowly avoided relegation for the past three seasons, so unless you are completely desperate to support a struggling team from Birmingham, do yourself a favor and stay away, otherwise you might be put off soccer for life.

Burnley (The Clarets):
If you like to support the underdog, reach out to Burnley, they are the team for you. This small club is not in the Premier League very often (the last visit was in 2009) and when they are in the top flight the Clarets are never there for very long.

Diehard Burnley supports do not expect much, they are just happy to be amongst the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool rather than Blackpool and Oxford Utd, and they will enjoy every minute, while watching their team cause a few upsets along the way.

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The Premier League 2014/2015 season, what to look out for!

Okay, so we had the World Cup to watch during the Premier League break, but that ended 3 weeks ago! We need live football action (and no, the International Champions Cup in the US does not count) luckily the football drought will soon be over and normal weekend action will be resumed – phew!!!!

Starting on August 16th the action and drama will return once more and with it comes new managers, new players, new teams, and new technology.


David Moyes has left the building…lets hope Manchester Utd can get back to where they belong. Quite frankly the local postman could have done a better job than the poor suffering Moyes, but in 725x100013Louis van Gaal it looks like Man Utd are in pretty safe hands. Having already won titles with Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and overachieving with the Dutch team at this years World Cup (with a 3rd place finish) van Gaal has taken full command of the red devils sinking ship and has begun shoring it up nicely. If he can stay away from the ridiculous mind games inflicted by Morinho he should do just fine.

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The Premier League Title Run In

Premier League run in: Key Players
Premier League run in: Key Players

When you hear the words ‘Run In’ it normally guarantees drama until mid May. So grab a red pen, find a nice big wall and write in large letters ‘6 games to go’!

For the first time in years the run in features 3 teams – Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea. This time last season the title race was already over after Manchester Utd had stormed to an unassailable lead – it was kinda boring.

This season, however with Man Utd’s demise, the Premier League title run in is back to what it once was, packed with drama, tension, ups and downs while watching each team involved avoid bizarre slip ups against the teams at the other end of the table. And with three teams involved, this could go to the wire.

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Premier League Goal of the Season

The Rooney Miracle Goal
The Rooney Miracle Goal

Normally at the end of each season football pundits and fans up and down the country sit for hours (in tv studios, pubs and offices) to debate, contemplate and vegetate about the goal of the season.

Well thanks to Wayne Rooney’s 50 yard wonder strike this weekend against West Ham, those many hours of discussion time can be used for more productive activities such as painting the fence, washing the car or digging the garden.

For this season my friends, the goal of the season is a done deal!

Is it ever okay to start supporting a new team?

You have supported the same team since you were 10 years old.  Team posters used to adorned the walls of your bedroom, the clubs crest featured prominently on your duvet cover, you always pretended to be the teams star playing during the kick about with your friends, and your team’s players were the first thing you looked for when you got your hands on a new packet of Panini stickers.

You can’t remember why you ever became a fan – perhaps it was because they were the team that were winning everything at the time, or you liked the color of the kit, maybe your family had always supported them, or they just happened to be your local team (my local team was Reading….enough said). But whatever the reason, you had a team and you loved everything about them.

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Premier League Valentines Day Eleven

Its Valentines Day weekend and in honor of the romantic day I have created the special Premier League Valentines Day Eleven – consisting of the eleven players most fans love.

The eleven has nothing to do with looks, but has everything to do with the sheer skill, effort, ability, along with the desire to win that these players demonstrate for their sides on a weekly basis. Despite earning a 6 figure salary every week, these players lead by example, they give more than 100% every time they play, they are not arrogant, petulant or full of their own importance. These are the players, that no matter what team you support, you cant help but love them.

The Premier League Valentines Day Eleven – in  the much loved 4-4-2 formation of course.



Subs: Tim Howard (Everton); Michael Carrick (Man Utd); Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea); Ricky Lambert (Southampton) Kevin Nolan (West Ham)

Manager: Tim Sherwood (Tottenham Hotspur)

Which players would you select for your Valentines Day Eleven?

2013/14 Premier League Season – the story so far (part 1)

Premier League Table - Jan 5th 2014
Premier League Table – Jan 5th 2014


It has been a football extravaganza over the past couple of weeks. I for one have been glued to the tv  – watching the drama unfold over the crazy Christmas schedule and the upsets of the FA Cup – there have been many highs and lows for all concerned – the teams, the managers and of course us, the fans.

So with the season now past the halfway point, this is where the drama really starts to unfold and we begin to see the stress and strains of the Premier League run in, and what will prove to be make or break for a lot of teams. But before the hullabaloo really gets going, lets look back on the first half of the 2013/14 season and the story so far (Part 1) –

The gunners came out the gate running (in August), and caught many teams by surprise. They remain at the top of the table, but how long will they maintain this position? Theo Walcott is out for six months and their list of injuries continues to grow. The next few weeks will be critical to their title challenge and their fortunes may depend on their dealings in the Transfer window and how they perform during the crunch games against the bigger teams. I believe they will finish in the top four, but they will not be champions this season.

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