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Lets continue with the review of the Premier League teams to help you make up your mind in deciding what team you should support this season.

Premier League teams M – S

Manchester Utd: Red Devils
Manchester Utd and the Premier League, go together like bread and butter, ham and eggs, fish and chips. Up until last season Manchester Utd were the cream of the crop, you could guarantee they would be fighting for the title come May. But then the unthinkable happened, their manager (Sir Alex Ferguson) of 26 years retired, and all hell broke loose.

They had the season from hell last year, totally humiliated in their own stadium on several occasions, looking inept in every department and finishing a disastrous 7th. Thankfully there is a new manager at the helm, things are looking up.

The Red Devils are the one team that are either loved or hated. If you are not a fan, you hate them, and if you are, well you are probably not from Manchester anyway. Utd are the team to watch this season, they are not going to win the league, but they will be trying to claw their way back to the top three and restore some pride. As a Utd supporter myself (and no I am not from Manchester) I can highly recommend them.

Newcastle Utd: The Magpies
Newcastle Utd fans are known as the “Toon Army” and are some of the most loyal and passionate supports you will find in the Premier League. However over the past few decades there hasn’t been a great deal for them to cheer about – they havent won anything since 1969. During that time they have had some great players and come close to winning the league in 1996/97 but they threw away a twelve point lead, finished second, and were then runners up in the FA Cup.

However since then they have lost their distinctive playing style, the fans, owners, players and managers seem disillusioned and they are at best a mid table team. If you are a passionate supporter, and are happy for your team to never win anything, Newcastle Utd are the team for you.



Can Southampton main their status as this seasons Premier League Shock team.

Southampton FC
Southampton FC

Every year the usual ‘top 5’ teams have to deal with an uninvited guest. You know the kind, the annoying friend who shows up on the door step and invites their way in as you desperately turn to your significant other with a despairing look of ‘why are they here, did you invite them, and how do we get rid of them’?

This year’s uninvited guest is Southampton. Southampton is thought of fondly by most people. They are normally either being relegated or fighting relegation. They are the team that neutral supports feel sorry for, wishing they could do better and the team where managers of other teams know they can go on a trip to the seaside and come back with 3 points.

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