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The Premier League Title Run In

Premier League run in: Key Players
Premier League run in: Key Players

When you hear the words ‘Run In’ it normally guarantees drama until mid May. So grab a red pen, find a nice big wall and write in large letters ‘6 games to go’!

For the first time in years the run in features 3 teams – Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea. This time last season the title race was already over after Manchester Utd had stormed to an unassailable lead – it was kinda boring.

This season, however with Man Utd’s demise, the Premier League title run in is back to what it once was, packed with drama, tension, ups and downs while watching each team involved avoid bizarre slip ups against the teams at the other end of the table. And with three teams involved, this could go to the wire.

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Premier League Valentines Day Eleven

Its Valentines Day weekend and in honor of the romantic day I have created the special Premier League Valentines Day Eleven – consisting of the eleven players most fans love.

The eleven has nothing to do with looks, but has everything to do with the sheer skill, effort, ability, along with the desire to win that these players demonstrate for their sides on a weekly basis. Despite earning a 6 figure salary every week, these players lead by example, they give more than 100% every time they play, they are not arrogant, petulant or full of their own importance. These are the players, that no matter what team you support, you cant help but love them.

The Premier League Valentines Day Eleven – in  the much loved 4-4-2 formation of course.



Subs: Tim Howard (Everton); Michael Carrick (Man Utd); Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea); Ricky Lambert (Southampton) Kevin Nolan (West Ham)

Manager: Tim Sherwood (Tottenham Hotspur)

Which players would you select for your Valentines Day Eleven?