What is Ladies First Soccer?

ktLadies First Soccer – its all about the English Premier League!

My name is Katie Doelle, and as a woman who is obsessed with football I wanted to create a blog that is informative, fun, spontaneous and something I can share with other fans. I am not a professional athlete, I am just a woman who, as a child, used to kick a football around the garden with her dad, and has played in the wind and the rain on a Sunday afternoon.

I fell in love with the game (and Gary Lineker) while watching the World Cup in 1986. I decided to support Liverpool, then ten years later, made the cardinal sin of dropping the team and switching to Manchester United (something you are never supposed to do), but I did it any way and I am more than happy with my decision. I own numerous soccer shirts, have seven decorative footballs (much to my husbands disgust), and I watch every Premier League game on Saturday and Sunday, including Match of the Day (my favorite program) on Sunday morning – thank you NBC, and thank you for having an English studio and commentary team!

I am English and moved to America 6 years ago. I love it here, but aside from my long suffering husband, I have very few people to ‘talk soccer’. With Ladiesfirst soccer I hope to inspire my audience with news, views, updates and stories about the beautiful game.

Ladiesfirst soccer is for real fans, like you and me!

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  1. KT

    Your husband is not disgusted by the seven decorative soccer balls on display on the fireplace mantle – he is simply worried about having to move to a house with bigger fireplace if you purchase any more of them…..

    The Long Suffering Husband

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